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Logo of the ChipdirThe Chip Directory I am compiling.

Picture of two gentlemen look at a newspaperTwo ancient gentlemen looking at a print-out of the Chipdir and trying to figure out what it's about.

Some scripts to access Amazon's XML Web Services.

Picture of MachiavelliMachiavelli, the 16th century writer about ways of governing and waging war. His most famous book is 'The Prince' (170 kbyte).

Picture of Milton FriedmanMilton Friedman, one of the most important free market economists.

Some quotes from Zappa's album Joe's Garage.
Rp4pr's top 25 of Björk products.

A song as sung by Billie Holiday:

This Years Kisses
(By Irving Berlin)

This years crop of kisses don't seem as sweet to me.
This years crop just misses what kisses used to be.
This years new romance, doesn't seem to have a chance,
even helped by mister moon above.
This years crop of kisses is not for me,
for I'm still wearing last years love.

The standard for country name abbreviations like NL for the Netherlands.

When the WWW started to become popular in 1994/1995 it was usual to put one's bookmark file on one's home page. Mine is from early 1995. A lot of pages probably have gone by now...

Resume (Curiculum Vitae)

1959 Born
1962..1963 Kindergarten, but I found it too childish so I dropped out
1965..1971 Basic education at the Topschool in Groningen
1971..1978 Willem Lodewijk Gymnasium
1978..1988 Technical University in Delft, Industrial Design (2 years finished) and Computer Science (full 4 years finished)
1988..1997 Worked as a programmer for www.ii.nl/idd/
1995..now Worked on the Chipdir

Sea Monkeys

Sea Monkeys are a kind of shrimps that come in instant-life packages with a small aquarium-bowl and that you can keep as pets.

Other sites with info about them:

Places to buy Seamonkeys:
www.zydecogifts.com/seamonkeys.html At Zydecogifts
www.touysrus.com/ Toys'R'Us, USA
www43.toysrus.com/handler.cfm?gid=587 Exact page
www.touysrus.co.uk/ Toys'R'Us, UK
The shop in the Science Museum in London at the Exhibition Road.

PC Games that I like

Here are some of the PC games that I like best.

I like strategy games best:
Game Developer Publisher Comment
Dungeon Keeper 2 Bullfrog (now Electronic Arts Europe) Electronic Arts Don't buy version 1!
Settlers 2 Bluebyte Ubi Soft This introduced me to RTS's, but Warcraft (2) is better
Settlers 3 Bluebyte Ubi Soft
Settlers 4 Bluebyte Ubi Soft
Starcraft 2 Blizzard Blizzard
Warcraft 2 - Battle.net edition Blizzard Blizzard The best!
Warcraft 3 Blizzard Blizzard
The Nations / Die Völker 2 JoWood Not as good as the others.

Some ego shooters are also very nice:
Game Developer Publisher Comment
Amsterdoom Davilex Davilex Dutch game, vey nice!
Giants - Citizen Kabuto Planet Moon, Digital Mayhem Interplay Very nice!
Gore (demo)
Max Payne Remedy and 3D Realms GOD Games and Take2 Games Very nice!
Quake 2 id Xplosiv
Serious Sam, The Second Encounter Croteam GOD Games and Take2 Games
Serious Sam, Take Advantage Croteam GOD Games and Take2 Games
Will Rock (demo)

Race games:
Game Developer Publisher Comment
A2 racer (all), Europe Racing, London Racer, Vakantieracer Davilex Davilex Especially Vakantie Racer is nice
Grachtenracer / Miami Speedboat Racer Davilex Davilex I especially like the Amsterdam part.
Tank Racer Glass Ghost R&P Electronic Media, Grolier Interactive

Click of death

My IOMega Zip drive also suffers from the 'Click of Death' syndrom:

Iomega Fights Complaint About Noisy DrivesIomega plans to fight a class-action suit filed earlier this month over the loud clicking sound its Zip drives make.www.techweb.com/wire/story/TWB19980922S0009?ls=twb_text

The drives aren't just noisy, but can't read a single byte of certain 100 Mbyte diskette's anymore!

Jaap van Ganswijk <ganswijk@xs4all.nl>