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From Jodie Sanders <>
Subject OAK product

>Even if one has purchased the OEM adaptation kit Phoenix still
>needs to make the changes to the bios."

This comment is actuallly not correct:
The OEM adaptation Kit is designed to enable OEMs to make changes to the BIOS themselves. While the OAK does not include the full SOURCE code, it does provide for most of the commonly required adaptations. It includes many extensions that can be customized for a particular platform. If the OEM has questions about what modifications can be made with an OAK, I am happy to review their design objectives and help determine the best solution for them. If the OAK will not meet their requirements, we also have a Developer program that will allow OEMs to get customizations done very cost effectively. Both the OAK product as well as our Developer program offer solutions that are very reasonable for small volume OEMs.
I look forward to getting more information from the customer about their design and helping to outline a solution.

Jodie Sanders
Jodie Sanders
Phoenix Technologies, PICO* Group
Marketing Manager, Industrial Appliances

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