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19971001 You have a very good site! ANG
19971001 It will be very useful. Alberto
19971001 Chip Directory ist mein sehr wichtige Bookmark. Matic
19971001 Thanks for information! D.K
19971001 The best site for electrician. Eko
19971001 Is very usefull and practice. Very good job. Alexander
19971002 This site is good for take information about semiconductors. Ruhsen
19971002 Good Luck! Chip Directory. Jae
  • Jouw page heeft ons heel erg veel geholpen.
  • Jij bent de eerste met echte pinouts %-)
  • Je bent de tofste(:-)
  • Je bent echt chip, men!
  • We hebben een echte heuse bookmark gemaakt van jouw stoere page ;)
Scholengemeenschap Wolfert
19971002 Continued thanks for the Chip Dir service. Bob
19971003 Thanks for making your terrific and very useful site available to us, I have really enjoyed looking around it. Regards, Graham
19971004 Excellent site. We recover chips from obsolete computers and have been looking for this information for some time now. Bob
19971004 Is a very good site. Eduardo
19971006 This chip directory is very good. Keep on going!!! And thanks for doing it. Raul
10971007 It is the Best! Dragan
19971008 Great resource. Thanks. Randall
19971008 Just a note of thanks and appreciation for putting this site up. It's the best and most useful site I have ever used! Regards, Leonard.
19971008 The directory is great by the way! Cheers. Leighton
19971008 It's wonderful! Thanks. Huiyong
19971008 Very nice R. K.
19971009 THis is a great site. David
19971010 Good to have something like this. Axel
19971010 IT's GREAT. Doros
19971012 Great resource! Bob
19971014 I think this database is very serviceable and interesting. Tamas
19971014 Your Chip directory is excellent. Suresh
19971014 It was a great surprise to find a site like this in the net. Congratulations for the site. See you, Vitor
19971015 Great work! Angel
19971015 This seems to be a great source for data sheets and chip information in a faster format. Ramutis
19971016 I have taken to this web site, because it has helped me to find a lot of bussineses that handles components no so common here in TJ. Thanks. Salvador
19971017 Excellent! Yogesh
19971017 I love this page ..., please keep up the hard work .. I am glad that someone has put together this infomation ... Thank You. Michael
19971019 ITS GREAT!!! ARIEL
19971020 Estao de parabens! Facilita bastante a localizacao de Sites. Otimo!!! Alexandre
19971022 Quite a useful directory in finding out more information about individual chips. Sara
19971022 I like your page a lot. It gives me a chance to see all the chips out in the market.. - Anyway, good job. Thanks. Pei
19971022 I love this site. It's the easiest way to find a IC*. Fabiano
19971023 It's very cool! Andrey
19971023 Excellent site. Tang
19971024 Congratulations on the page. Very interesting. Thanks, Fernando
19971027 I just want to say thanks for the great "chip directory", it have helped me many times with circuits that else would be hard to identify. Clas
19971027 I need you. Tomas
19971027 Since I found this page I have used it several times to determine what unknown chips were on boards that I was canabalizing. The comprehensive listings are great! Mitch
19971028 I think that I can count much better with the help of the CHIPDIR. Very many thanks to you. Ezequiel
19971028 Nice idea...pity it doesn't have the rarer or newer chips on the market. Glen
19971029 I'm very happy of this facility. Giuseppe
19971029 A very good place to go for searching the chip I want. Thanks a lot. Walter
19971031 Site in Moscow working great. Now we have a few good site's with information about chip's. Victor
19971031 Thanks so much! Sincerely, Jarek
19971031 I use the Chip Directory as my standard semiconductor directory. Duncan

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