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Christmas compliments

19971201 very good !!!! Max
19971201 I think it is a good company. Edgar
19971202 Congratulations on being awarded five stars by Anbar Computing Cool Sites. Only exceptional sites are included in Cool Sites and are eligible to display this award. I hope that the addition of this award will raise your profile as effectively as it has other award winners. Mathew Wills Vice President: Anbar Electronic Intelligence
19971203 This is the best chip directory I have found on the net, and it's better than half of the directories I have on paper back. I wish to thank the people who put the hard into making this site. It is a great resource! Jim
19971203 THANK YOU for making such a site available. I am an electronics design engineer and I need a resource like yours for chip data. I have indeed bookmarked this site and I will return. Bob
19971203 Cool... Robert
19971203 Just started to look around, but so far.... looks GREAT!! Gerry
19971205 very good !!!! Roman
19971207 Is an good site Claudio
19971207 superb Ilia
19971208 Really, very useful site, especially for people who use design or study electrical components. Mazin
19971214 simply the best Juan
19971214 Best archive I've ever seen! Michael
19971214 Great website and layout. Easy to use. Love your posting under "Chip Brokers". Good luck and keep hangin' in there. Best regards, Bob
19971214 Prachtige lijst. Ik gebruik deze hobbymatig en soms ook voor mijn werk. Hans
19971214 optimal site :) Cesar
19971214 I'm glad to hear about your page in the web, because it's very important to have a quickly access to the chips information. Luis
19971214 I've not had an opportunity to look over this site yet since I've just found you. I think having a Chip Directory on the Internet is an excellent idea and I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts. I am sure I will be very glad I have found your site. Thank you. Jerry
19971215 I work in electronic and we just got internet... this page looks good. Patrick
19971215 Very informative site! Paul
19971215 This is very very helpfull site. Mohammed
19971216 Interesting! Thanks for a good site. Iain
19971216 PERFECT! Ik heb de chip-directory 'ge-bookmark-t'. Albert
19971221 Excellent! Andy
19971221 I have already found it extremely useful for data sheets and application notes in my job as an electronics technician in INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS design and servicing. Stephen
19971221 I have a feeling that this site will come in handy more than a few times in my upcomming work. Anthony
19971221 Truly a worthwhile service. Many thanks. Wallster
19971221 Just the site I've been looking for! Gary
19971221 The best thing I found in Internet in 1997 was Chipdirectori List. Thank you very much for making and holding it! Keep strong! Immar
19971221 Mijn complimenten over deze chipdir: heel compleet, keep up the good work. Philip
19971221 This is a good stuff! Tibor
19971229 It is a really great service. John

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