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Compliments during 199701..03

19970102 That chip directory really is something. I've spent 8 hours on the net in the last two days and havn't found any other sites where you can browse multiple manufacturers using just a part number. The highly compact part number table is a great interface to such a huge amount of info. Gerry
19970103 great site Bruno
19970104 Keep up the good work this is the sacred shrine of semiconducters Bob
19970105 greatest page I've ever seen!!! Rainer
19970105 Great page! Much appreciated. John
19970108 Its one of the most usefull thinks in the web!!! Peter
19970117 Excellent - What more can I say ! Ron
19970117 Very, very good! Thank you. Lorenzo
19970117 Very Usefull. Keep it up. Mark
19970119 Great service, like to be back on your new mailing list... Michael
19970120 What a great Idea!!!! Greg
19970122 Your page is very good and usefull!! Oliver
19970124 I haven't looked around much yet, but I already feel as if this site is a god send. I have often looked IC*'s that seem to be available but no one has data sheets, or I can't find a certain IC*. This is the best site's I've seen to date. Thank you. Jon.
19970124 I think, that is great chance for peoples like me. Nikolay
19970126 What an excellent site! This will be a frequently used bookmark. I especially like your balance of graphic and text. Fast and attractive, but not flashy--slow. Thanks. Steve
19970126 Congratulations - a fantastic service for all us nerds !!! Mike
19970127 Cool!!! Michael
19970129 Thank you for the service. It has saved me a lot of searching this last year. Todd
19970130 I find it a very good database. Chris
19970130 It's a great resource! It's nice to be able to go to one central repository of information to find info on a chip; pin-outs, specs, etc. Stephen
19970130 Excellent! Andy
19970131 Thanks for the great page. Meredith
19970131 I use the chip directory often. Adam
19970202 I think this homepage is very useful for everyone who interested in electronic. Krisada
19970204 Your chip name prefix look-up table is a fantastic resource, now that I have found it, I will use it a lot. Thanks for the excellent job. Phil
19970204 Ever since having got the internet service, I had been wondering how to get info on chips, sources and all the related topics using the net. A friend had been able to take prints of some spec.sheets using the internet. I was not sure how to do it. Looks like and I feel like having hit the jackpot of atreasurehunt now. :> Its a great feeling now! My very sincere heartfelt thanks to all those who have been pioneers of sorts in setting up and providing this directory on the 'net'. Vinod
19970205 I went to your site, and it looked pretty good. It certainly covers a lot of territory! It would seem to be an ideal place for us to expand our advertising. Best regards, Siegfried
19970205 This is an absolutely, fantastic resource, based on my first experience. Ken
19970205 Great Directory Jaymin
19970207 Thanks so much for your directory. Good list. Allen
19970209 Brilliant. Tim
19970209 I often need to find out about obscure ICs and your web pages are useful to me very often. Carry on the good work. Kim
19970210 Very helpfull. I find here some very interesting stuff. Dusan
19970211 it's beutiful ! Mike
19970211 Comment:!!!!!!! Johan
19970211 I don't know where you find the time and energy to help us all as much as you do. Thanks again, I and many, many others are much indebted to you. Bob
19970217 congratulations for your great work. ;-) Marcello
19970217 Very nice and very useful! Denis
19970217 Prima Site !! Roland
19970217 Ich finde deine CHIPDIR super !!! Gennadi
19970217 I'm study ingeniering, the information is very important for me. William
19970217 YOU HAVE THE MOST useful site I have ever seen, and I mean it ! Mane
19970217 What a page!!!! I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH AN EXCELLENT IC* PAGE with SO MUCH information, SO user friendly, SO organized as your Chip Directory Database system. INCREDIBLE!!!!! I'll tell my friends. I wish I would have known about it a few months ago. Thank you, and I'm sure the electronics industry thanks you too!!! D.W.
19970220 What a great site! This has saved me so much time and hastle. Thank You !! Bill
19970221 Your site is wonderful. John
19970221 Great service! Phil
19970223 The easiest directory to use, that I have found so far, and quite extensive. Bill
19970223 I found your site very usefull. Care
19970224 Welldone, it's going to save hell a lot of time. Namik
19970224 I like very much your site and I found it interesting. I'd like to download it for personal usage. Emil
19970224 very usefull site Milan
19970224 Your page is very useful. Pornchai
19970226 Dit is vir ons 'n voorreg om die Chipdir hier by ons te he! Dankie vir 'n baie goeie en professionele pakket. N.N
19970226 T H A N K S ! ! ! Carlos
19970227 Very good stuff to get an overview on chips Jankowski
19970227 I teach the senior design course. I think my students will find this useful. Denise
19970227 Very useful and many info. I use it daily and found many info. Marko
19970301 I was looking for a digital filter chip made by NPC. I had never heard of them, but I found them on your site! I spent hours searching..thank you! Eric
19970301 Great stuff! Marcello
19970301 This is a fantastic site! Have passed the site address to several friends of mine. Your chip-dir has saved me quite a few hours of searching online for tech sheets. Thanks and keep it up! Michael
19970301 You have a great resource. All of us have bookmarked it here and plan to use it regularly. Great job! Thank you. Eric
19970301 BTW thanks for the great sight! K.F.
19970301 I found your site very, very good. Werner
19970301 It's estetic, easy and very rich. I have just want to say perfectly prepared. Thank you. Namik
19970301 I'm an electronic engineering student who finds your site extremely useful, and as such would be interested in obtaining it for my personal use. Thanks for your help, and keep the site this good always, Regards, Andrew
19970303 GREAT !!! Wolfram
19970304 Cool... Andrei
19970306 It has helped me a lot with finding components for my projects. Nicklas
19970306 It's a great thing !! Dominik
19970306 I find the chipdir a great place, use it often. Stefan
19970306 The site certainly has grown since I first found it a year ago. Keep up the good work! Matt
19970306 Thanks again for the resource. John
19970308 Found it to be very usefull in locating data sheets and identifing chips. Martin
19970308 Thanks it helps! A.S.
19970308 a very useful site. Tim
19970309 Great work!!! It's very usefull for many Electrical Engineering students like me. Keep going with this. Ricardo
199703010 I want to use it often. Nancy
19970311 very good idea CHIP DIRECTORY G.B.
19970313 Nice database Jason
19970315 Thanks a lot. This is a great tools for me. Geliang
19970317 I'm interested in microprocessors. It's nice to have a Chip Directory. Mars
19970319 Hello! I am very glad of seeing this Chip directory thank you for your neat work, and I find it very useful. Sincerely, Sedat
19970319 I just discovered your wonderful website !!!! Gerd
19970320 Your Directory is very good! Helmut
19970320 I Think this is great. Jose
19970320 great resource! thanks for the info! nice layout too... Jason
19970321 Good job. Alexei
19970321 Is very good. Congratulations. Gustavo
19970323 very good approach for I.C's listing Shahid
19970324 looks great, helps better then the IC* MASTER. Keep up the good work. Gary
19970324 Your 'new index page' is truly great! Keep up the good work! Greetings (oftwel, de groeten), Emile
19970325 Ik moet je namens mijn baas bedanken voor het opzetten van die chipdir van je. Hij vindt hem fantastisch (en nog gratis ook nog). Eric
19970325 I found this interesting pages about chipdir's. I was very happy to find this pages. Thank you.... Rainer
19970328 The page is great! It comes up super fast. Your links are clearly marked and the page is not too busy. Thanks. Collin.
19970328 I'm a novice hobbist. I mainly work on copiers....however I come accross the need to cross and order chips. This is a great service. Thanks Collin
19970328 It's a perfect tool for everybody, doing electronics wehther it's professional or homebuilding. Bent
19970328 I very much appreciate the chip list; it is an excellent resource. Peter
19970329 Good effort non-the-less. Thank you. LS*
19970330 Excellent page. James
19970330 Very Good Site!!! I was looking something like that. Very Usefull Site. Hugo

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