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Compliments I got during 1997 quarter 2

19970406 nice nice nice Thomas
19970406 Thanks for this help sincerely. Enrique
19970406 Zeer nuttige website ! Patrick
19970406 Me parece una página excelente por el espacio que ocupa en cuanto a las necesidades de los profesionales, Ademas la sobriedad de su diseño me parece muy agradable, haciendo que la lectura de la información sea rápida. (I'm afraid my understanding of Portuguese (or Spanish?) is limited...I think you're congratulating me about the page and how quickly it loads etc. Jaap)) Leonardo
19970407 I do small system design, your service is fantastic ... shall recommend it to my associates. Steve
19970410 It's cool! Simon
19970410 Tres pratique ! Josette
19970412 that is very useful, thanks. Donald
19970413 Good job ! I like it ! Marius
19970413 Your Index Page looks great keep up the great work. Lucky
19970414 First became aware of your page about 3-4 years ago. But lost track of you through the years. Really glad I re-discovered your url. Al
19970415 This is a great resource (I have used it many times) and I am sure others will find (and have found) it to be also. Thanks, Jon
19970415 Useful site Manoj
19970416 Very Good resource Joseph
19970417 GREAT!!!!!!!!! I use it a lot. Elbert
19970418 Prachtig! Victor
19970418 I like it. My main use is to locate chips by function rather than part number. Stephen
19970420 Great! What can I say. This site is a treasure for both the electronic engineer and chip manufacture. Yan
19970422 Looking for a very common chip - or thought so. You seem to have put a lot of work into this site. I like the way is set up. Good work. Eward
19970423 Very usefull catalog. John
19970424 Very good. Erkki
19970424 this site is cool and very useable. Pavel
19970426 Looks extremely useful. Maybe after 35 years of hoarding data books, I can finaly start cleaning out my office. Ernie
19970426 nice site! many useful links and information Gennady
19970426 I think it is very useful for me - thank you. Marasri
19970428 Good information and links so far! Glad I found you. David
19970429 Thanks, I finally found out what these old chips were. Paul
19970429 Fine job guys, pls continue. Vasilis
19970429 I wanted to compliment you on an incredible site. The most useful thing on the Internet, as far as I am concerned. Jason
19970430 It's great! Please contact me if (and how) it is available on CD-ROM! Holger
19970430 Chip directory was very helpfull finding information about chips. I still using it a lot. Thank's, Roberto
19970430 I want to express my thanks for this chip directory. I appreciate using it as I am blind and use a speech synthesizer to access computers. I enjoy building my own projects, however, and getting documentation for various integrated circuits is difficult. I am very pleased that you have put the documentation in textual form, when possible, so that lynx works correctly with your data base. Many thanks for a good service. Martin
19970504 this is a realy good place for finding out some cool stuff Ratheen
19970505 Very interesting site, I have a feeling I wil be using this in the future Keith
19970510 It is a very useful site. Krihna
19970510 Love it difficult to gather all this information thanks, you have done a fantastic job and wonderful service. Thank you, Frances
19970510 Keep on your good work, your site is becoming very POPULAR ! Manfred
19970511 First of all, thank you heavens for putting up this page :) Tons of useful information, good thing someone did it... Bart
19970511 Your Chip list is a very nice and very usefull site. I use it often, but I must pay for using Internet. Can I download whole your CHIP List for my personal use? Thank you, Antony
19970512 It is a lot of useful information. Igor
19970512 Nice page! Pretty fast server, even here in Finland... Have you thought about advertisements, or how are you going to have all your troubles back? Thanks for the great pages, I'll recommend these to every one! Henry
19970513 Site looks good, looking for chip data sheets - will they be added in the future? At least I found pinout diagram, thanks. Jacob
19970515 This software is great. Shirin
19970515 Very good! Leonardo
19970515 I'm happy, at least some one with an usefull resource. Doing research in psychophysics I do not want to search long while I need a chip our technician does not know about. Your site is very helpfull! Regards, Thomas
19970516 Great site ! Gert
19970517 Ik heb een grote waardering voor deze site. Ook de advertenties zijn eerder welkom dan storend, overeenkomstig EDN, dit blad waardeer ik mede om de advertenties, waardoor je op de hoogte blijft van de beschikbare (nieuwe) componenten. Wim
19970519 Congratulations for your Chip Directory. It is very usefull for Designer's. Best regards, Margarit
19970520 Excellent work! Very helpful for me. Thank you! Spencer
19970524 Hey, that's a great job you are doing! Keep it this way! Cosmin
19970524 I like this page. Sometimes I find out somthing interesting from Chip Directory. Many regards. Andrey
19970524 Thanks for a very good site, it is one of the best electronics site I have found, so far. Thanks! Tommy
19970524 Excellent work. This site has been an unbelievable resource. Gus
19970524 Good work. Jordi
19970524 I'ts realy cool!I like it! I think that this is something realy helpful to people like me! Adrian
19970525 I liked your site a lot! Sincerely, Darrin
19970527 Very good site, I'll use it often! Geoff
19970529 A good site with a lot of info. Bahrim
19970530 Keep the good work guys, lots of people (at least digital electronic freaks) would be lost without you!!! Vlado
19970601 Hallo Jaap, Ik kwam die chipdir tegen via infoseek. Eigenlijk zocht ik al heel lang zoiets maar ik was het nooit tegengekomen (ik zocht ook niet echt veel op internet, sowieso niet erg veel mee bezig). Ik wou alleen ff zeggen dat ik het een gave homepage vind. Doei en succes met die page, Mosselman
19970602 Very usefull directory which has helped me fix many old computers etc. Jonny
19970602 Excellent effort! great information! priceless! Rajan
19970603 A very good reference site.. Will write to you more later. Revi
19970603 Excellant. Andrew
19960604 Impressive site. Hawke
19970604 Very Wonderful to us! From here we can get more information for IC*. Thank your and your Work! Yours Qin
19970605 Very wide spectrum of electronic information. Alex
19970606 I just started using this site, it looks very nice and USEFULL for me - tanks!! Marek
19970612 ChipDir is very useful for me to find chip manufacturers addresses. Artur
19970612 I was very glad to find Chip Directory. I may get many interest & useful information here. Thank you! Igor
19970612 have been looking for such data for a long time! Sophie
19970612 Very informative and comprehensive. Thanks to all that have worked on this site!!! Joe
19970612 This is a great site and very easy to use!!!! Thanks Cecil
19970612 Chip Dir very help my in my job. Thank you. Alvydas
19970614 I'm an hardware designer and for me this is a very powerfull search engine. Francesco
19970614 Great Search Engine. Found several items i could not find in my data books for Max. Edward
19970616 Looks good thanks. Nigel
19970616 I visited the site of Chip Makers. It is very useful for us as an international purchasing agent. By the way, do you know any site that I can check the chip maker from the part number only? Thank you for your help. Regards, Roger
19970617 It is GREAT!!! Just what I have been looking for, for a long time. Thomas
19970619 Informations available are excellent. Jaward
19970620 Very Very useful site. Thanks for putting it out there, Alvin
19970620 thank you for a great databse, Kempher
19970621 I am an engineer. When I found this site I was happy because it is what I have been looking for. chipdir is very useful for me, so I thaks for your designing such a wonderful site. Ryu
19970622 This site is a pleasure to browse thru. Please keep up the good work, Hendrik
19970626 This is EXCELLENT! Finally a place where I can find out what all (or at least most) of the chips I have actually do. I guess spec sheets here would be asking a bit much. Keep in mind that I would actually PAY MONEY for that kind of information. I really appreciate the amount work you must have put into setting up this site. (Feel free to forward this comment to your advertisers). Wayne Writz
19970629 ChipDir is great! Osma
19970629 It is very useful. A thank! Maxim
19970629 Very good job. Keep on the good work with the help of all of us! Giannis

For helping with this compilation thanks to my mother:

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