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More compliments, even in 1998!

19980103 excellent help page...been looking for something like this for a long time. Bob
19980103 Great site for electronics enginers !!!! Eyal
19980104 Great site! Joe
19980105 It's amazing to find such a big Chip Directory!!!! Johann
19980106 This is a terrific resource. Wish I'd done this search years ago. Keep up the good work. Larry
19980106 Thanks - keep it up. Russell
19980107 This is surely one of the most helpfull sites on world wide web ! Gerhard
19980107 It's good to know where to find some information that is not usually condensed in only one source. Jose
19980108 Thanks once again for a wonderful service.... I use it often... Cheers! Graeme
19980109 Great resource.... keep it going. John
19980112 Your WEB page is fantastic. The first one that provided a start for getting help. THANKS AGAIN BOB
19980118 nice Teo
19980118 Nice Red
19980118 Your web-page was a real life saver. I was looking for specs on an old Micron DRAM* chip (MT4C4007) and found it :-) Thanks a lot. Lois
19980120 I'm a engeneering student, and I use your pages very often. Paulo
19980120 This it the best chip directory I found! Croatish: Ovo je najbolja lista chip-ova koju sam nasao! Miro
19980120 I like your site. J.L.
19980120 Is comprehensive - found info couldn't find on Questlink. Bill
19980120 Just stumbled upon site, cool ! Peter
19980120 Very good idea!!!! I'm a hardware designer and you'r web is very util for me! Thank you. Alexis
19980120 I am glad because of this like service exists! Amazing...There is nothing left to say! Murat
19980121 I like this ! it is great ! Ergo
19980121 An excellent dbase for all designers, developers & even hobbyists...thanx. Gary
19980121 Very good! Thanks! Serg
19980126 You all have got a GREAT site in the making!!!! I am seriously impressed! I was wondering when you are going to add in the ability to cross parts with your tool? That would make this the most incredible tool on the net!! I work with 100's of engineers, purchasers, etc. and will be excited to distribute your website to all of them - however, what they need most of all is ability to cross parts to other lines and also to get the datasheets of the parts that show up on the search results. I may even know of another web company that needs to talk to you about licensing your search enginer to make their site more efficient and useable! Please let me know what your roadmap looks like so that I will know what timing I should use to let people know about your site. Thanx! Brent
19980126 Your site has everything I want to know. I will use the site for very long time, and so I just want to thank you for making this site and all the effort you put. Stephen
19980126 Love the site, you've saved my butt more than once when I've needed a pinout. THANKS!!! Thomas
19980128 Great sight! Mark
19980130 Excellent Willem

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