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Chip distributors in Colombia

Alberto Gomez Revollo
Carrera 53 No 90-163 Apto 102.
Barranquilla, Colombia.
South America
tel: 3785853.
10825 SW 112 Avenue # 217
Miami, Florida. 33176.
tel: +1-305-412-8008
Id. card: 6820202
Chamber of commerce in Sincelejo: 6982-1
My comercial activity is the products distribution, national or foreign products.
I am in the distribution business of:
My interest, is in consumating contacts, transactions, and buy and sell operations with, companies, distributors, anyone who has stock on the shelf or a broker who has availability of a products.
Why? Because I have the markets and the contacts to provide this electronic components and this companies in Colombia are looking for somebody who could provide them all of this components whit low prices.
The methodology by which i work is to provide my customers with what they need and can't find. And offer the low prices in the market. And i am sure that between you and me could bring to this market what they need.
I am looking for lists with lineitems, references, prices, quantity, payment methods, paymenth terms, minimum order of this products.

Electronicas Jaquin
Calle 16 No. 22 50
tel: 57-096-8845472
fax: 57-096-8845484

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