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Chip distributors in Russia

When looking for chip data in Russia, try:

Electronic's World
Electronic's World
P.O.Box 680
Samara, 443100
tel: +7-8462-352-318
fax: +7-8462-352-609

More about former Soviet chips.

Zelenograd corpus 1117-135
Moscow 103460 Russia
tel: +7-95-534-3680
fax: +7-95-534-8229

ArgusSoft Company (Electronic Components)
22 Stchepkina Street
129090, Moscow
tel: +7-95-288-1536
tel: +7-95-288-2145
tel: +7-95-288-2172
fax: +7-95-971-6283
fax: +7-95-288-2285
Within Russia and the former USSR, our Company is official distributor for: Analog Devices Bourns CP Clare Standish LCD Traco Power Products UMC
We are the representatives of FARNELL Components in Russia.
We deliver a wide range of electronic components for signal processing: From sensors to processors including amplifiers, ADC's, DAC's, switches, muxes, interface products, supervisors, DC-DC and AC-DC Convertors, SRAM's, FLASH Memories, EEPROM's PLD's, FPGA's, microcontrollers, resistors, trimmers capacitors, inductors, relays, optocouplers, LCDs.

Astec Inc
Asafieva 12-1-224
Saint Petersburg
tel: +7-(812)-513-18-68
fax: +7-(812)-513-18-68
We are not resellers, we keep our own industrial process of pulling IC's out. We sell IC's both pulled out and new ones (memory, cpu and so on, other items: resistors, capacitors etc.). We also sell units on board and other computer components (monitors, keyboards, mice, cords, cameras etc.).

tel: +7-95-334-7741
fax: +7-95-334-8729

See CHI.

Communication Systems Equipment
(1992: Established)
Communication Systems Equipment Co.
3/1 Shturvalnaya St.,
Moscow, Russia 123363
tel: +7-95-4924031 (ext.127)
fax: +7-95-4927077
fax: +7-95-4974533
We are one of five largest suppliers of electronic components in Russia. We are energetic and dynamic company with professional management and almost a decade of business experience. For today, due to the wide dealers network, the company can offer Russian enterprises almost all of electronic components made in Russia, the countries of the CIS and abroad. We have recommended ourselves as RELIABLE SUPPLIER of QUALITATIVE ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS. As a result in 2000 our company was certificated as a second supplier of special purpose products that gives warranty on all delivered goods.
We regularly take part and visit electronic exhibitions, both in Russia and abroad, as one of our aims is to establish wider dealer network and to become official distributor of our suppliers. Moreover we are always looking for new suppliers to cooperate with.
The assortment of electronic components delivered by our company exceeds 30 thousand names and is stored in the company's warehouse. And we constantly study the Russian market so as to enlarge the range of our products in order to meet as many requirements of our customers as possible.
Now the company works directly with many manufacturers and supply products of the following companies: AMD, ANALOG DEVICES, ATMEL, INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER, MOTOROLA, MITSUBISHI, NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORS, NEC, SAMSUNG, SGS-THOMSON, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, TOSHIBA, PHILIPS, SANYO and others, and the adjusted contacts of companies allow us to make deliveries in short terms. We supply Electronic Components for more than 200 Factories and enterprises in Russia and CIS. The range of products includes Integrated Circuits, Rectifiers, Diodes, Diodes Bridges, Optocouplers, Transistors, Thyristors, Varistors, Capacitors, Printed Circuit Boards, Micro Switches, Lamps, Sockets, Buttons, Relays, Speakers, Microphones, etc.
The number of the personnel occupied with various directions of activity, is more than 60 persons working in different departments. Moreover there are departments, which develop and adjust company's own manufacture, also granting similar services to our clients. Since 1997 there were already developed and manufactured some products. There is one more department that deals with realization of consumer goods directly through the generated dealer network in 20 regions of Russia, and also through wholesale and retail shops in Moscow and the Moscow area.

Company 3D
Company 3D
Tuchahevskogo 56
Moscow, 123103
tel: +7-95-1945063
fax: +7-95-1945063
We specialize in export of electronic components (integrated circuits, semiconductor) from Russia, CIS.
We can match or better any prices on components and all our parts are guaranteed.

P.O.Box 19
Moscow 109044 Russia
tel: +7-95-921-4377
fax: +7-95-923-6442
IRF, Burr-Brown

tel: +7-95-742-0696 - fax also
fax: +7-95-534-7917

Eastern Ventures Ltd
Zelenograd, Moscow
tel: +7-95-5316426
tel: +7-95-5311979
fax: +7-95-5316426
Eastern Ventures Ltd. is a Russian manufacturer of semiconductor devices. Small Signal Transistors, High/Low Power Three Lead Voltage Regulator ICs, High quality/Low prices
Make and distribute chips, International manufacturing of finished product (Russian chips, Slovakia/S-EAsia assembling, world wide trading)

Now part of Avnet.
Dmitrowskoje Chaussee 9b
GUS - 127434 Moscow
tel: +7-95-976-3510
fax: +7-95-976-4808

Now part of Avnet.
Meshdunarodnij komplex 'Molodeshnij'
Dmitrovskve schosse d.27, korp.1
RU-127616 Moscow
tel: +7-95-977-3655
fax: +7-95-977-3502


JSC Gamma
Nekrasova 19
Vyborg, 188900
tel: +7-81278-25671
fax: +7-81278-31509
Component distributor in Russia.
We are working with Altera, AMD, Intel, Motorola and Zilog as distributor and a few large firms as dialer and partner.
One of biggest distributor of components in the ExUSSR.

tel: +7-95-451-9737 - fax also
tel: +7-95-451-8608

tel: +7-95-305-7748 - fax also

Petersburg Electronic Company
Pobedy sq. 2
St. Petersburg 193146
tel: +7-812-293-5516
tel: +7-812-293-0063
tel: +7-812-293-6757
fax: +7-812-293-5257
fax: +7-812-293-6757 - Sales Department - Marketing Department
Co-operative partner of Avnet EMG GmbH, the biggest distributor of the chips in Europe.
Electronic components for industrial companies. Active, passive, electro-mechanical components; computer soft- and hardware; telecommunication systems accessories.
Products of:
Planar Plus ltd
Nijegorodskaya 23, office 307
tel: +7-3832-664689
fax: +7-3832-664689
Local distribution of electronic components.

70, Kolmagorova st.
Ekaterinburg, 620107
tel: +7-3432-454581
fax: +7-3432-453328
Full range russian electronic components distributor.
Any kind of Russian brands and some foreign also.
Own building with biggest electronic components shop in Russia.

tel: +7-95-143-6641
fax: +7-95-938-2247
TI, Xilinx

Spezial Electronic
Spezial Electronic
Vernadskogo prospect 127
Moscow 117571
tel: +7-95-438-7343
fax: +7-95-434-4409
fax: +7-95-434-9496
Maxim, Temic

tel: +7-95-532-9975
fax: +7-95-532-9000

TIM Cooperative
2/19 Zelenyj Prospekt
Moscow 111141 Russia
tel: +7-95-306-0026
fax: +7-95-306-0283
Macro Group, Motorola

Most of this data was provided by: Thanks!

See also distributors list by George Kell site about Russian distributors

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