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Chip distributors in Sweden

(Used to be ScandComp?)
ACTE Sweden AB
Tritonvägen 25
17104 Solna
tel: +46-8-4452800
fax: +46-8-982619

Avnet Nortec AB
Box 1830
S-17127 Solna
tel: +46-8-629-1400
tel: +46-8-629-1414 - Sales
fax: +46-8-627-0280
Advanced Micro Devices, Fairchild, Harris Semiconductor, Hewlett Packard, IDT, Intel, Lattice Semiconductor, Micron Technology, Inc., Motorola Semiconductor, National Semiconductor, Philips Semiconductors, Radisys, Rochester Electronics, SGS Thomson, Texas Instruments, Toshiba Semiconductor, Xicor, Xilinx

BK Elektronik AB
Grimstagatan 160
S-16211 Vällingby
tel: +46-8-889-0010
fax: +46-8-898-824

Now part of Avnet.
Derbyvägen 20
S-21235 Malmö
tel: +46-0-4059-2100 - wrong?
fax: +46-0-4059-2101 - wrong?
Sjöängsvagen 17
S-19272 Sollentuna
tel: +46-8-5947-0230 - correct?
fax: +46-8-5947-0231 - correct?

(Owned by Ericsson)
Ericsson Electronic Services
Box 719
194 27 Upplands Vasby, Sweden
tel: +46-8-757-5100 - Ordering
fax: +46-8-757-5101 - Ordering
Something from everybody.
EES is a subsidiary to Ericsson Components and was Gosta Backstrom a couple of years ago.

Elektronikgränd 14
SE-175 80 Järfälla
tel +46-8-58094101 Switchboard International
fax +46-8-58094111 Fax International
tel 020-758000 Freephone order Sweden only
tel 020-758020 Freephone technical issues Sweden only
fax 020-758010 Freephone fax Sweden only Information Order Technical issues
ELFA delivers everything that you can think of: Components, computers, boxes, measuring instruments etc.
You can place your order on-line at Also stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmoe, Linkoping and Oslo, Norway.

Ericsson Component Distribution
Ericsson Component Distribution AB

Farnell Electronic Components
Äldermansv&aauml;gen 21
17148 Solna
tel: +46-8-730-5000
fax: +46-8-83-5262

Farnell electronic services
Ankdammsgatan 32, Box 1330
171 26 Solna, Sweden
tel: +46- 8-83-0020 - Switchboard
tel: +46- 8-83-5150 - Stockholm site
tel: +46-31-84-8010 - Gothenburg site
tel: +46-40-49-6580 - Malmo site
fax: +46- 8-27-1807 - Ordering
Farnell delivers everything that you can think of: Components, computers, boxes, measuring instruments etc.

GB Topcomp
Bought by Ericsson Component Distribution

GLSI Electronic
Bought by Jacob Hatteland Supply
Dist: Siemens

Hardware trading
Hardware trading HT AB
kanalvagen 14
19461 upplands vasby
tel: +46-8-5907-1305
fax: +46-8-5907-1306
We are trading in CPUs and memorys.

Now part of Avnet.
Gunnebogatan 30
P.O. Box 3009
S-163 03 Spaanga
tel: +46-8-445-7500
fax: +46-8-364-686

ISS Group
ISS Group
tel: +46-8-5061-8100
fax: +46-8-5061-8101

ITT Multikomponent AB
Ankdammsgatan 32
S-17126 Solna
tel: +46-8-830-020
fax: +46-8-271-303

Jacob Hatteland Supply
Jacob Hatteland Supply AB
Dist: Siemens

(Was called until 1993: Svensk Teleindustri AB, now called or part of ACTE?)
ScandComp Sweden AB
Domnarvsgaten 33
S 16308 Spanga
tel: +46-8-761-7300
fax: +46-8-760-4669
Dist: Linear Technology Corporation

Svensk Teleindustri
Now called: ScandComp

Toshiba Electronics Scandinavia AB
PO Box 15031
S-16115 Bromma
Tel: +46-8-704-0900
Fax: +46-8-808-459

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