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Chip distributors in Singapore

AJ Seven
AJ Seven Import & Export
Head office:
246J Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574370
tel: +65-453-5322
fax: +65-453-6211
Sales office:
106 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St., 1st Dist
Ho Chi Minh City
tel: +84-8-825-6218
fax: +84-8-825-6232
AJ Seven Import & Export was established in Singapore with a sales office specially located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
We are independent global distributor who offers efficient and reliable solutions to all of our customers' semiconductor needs.
In connection with the increase of Vietnamese industrial and consumer markets, we are constantly sourcing for products such as integrated circuits, CPU, HDD and passive components for our customers.

See CHI.

DL & CF Enterprise
Simpang Bedok
P.O. Box 121
Singapore 914805

Elan Venture Import and Export Pte Ltd
1 Coleman Street #03-25 The Adelphi
Singapore 179803
tel: +65-5690900
fax: +65-5690700
We trade in all type of SOJ or SIMM Modules.
Looking for partners in the world market to combine our quantity

Yishun Industrial Park 'A'
Blk 1006 #01-284 Yish Ind Pk 'A'
Singapore 768748
tel: +65-456-3721
fax: +65-4567638
Seeking manufacturer dealing in CPU processor and memory chips.

Hsin Semiconductor
tel: +65-339-8185
fax: +65-747-9389
Established company in the Electronics line for 14 years. We carry Philips and SGS-Thomson.
We supply a full range of Philips and SGS-Thomson brand of products to OEM ranging from small to medium size industries on project basis. Furthermore, we have laser heads, optical pickup, CD/VCD mechanisms, TV/Video tuner etc.
We also provide American, Japanese and Korean brands of semiconductor products for stock offers.
Some examples are:

Below is a list of parts we supply:

Diode 1N4148, BASxx, BAVxx, etc.
Transistor 2N7000, BC8xx, BCXxx, BDxxx, BFRxx, PMBTxxxx, BU25xx, etc.
CMOS/TTL Logic HEF40xx, HEF45xx, 74HCxx, 74HCTxx, etc.
Thryistors (Triacs & SCR) BT13x-xxx, BT14x-xxx, BT15x-xxx, etc.
Others NE555N, NE5532x, NE575x, LM393N, LMxxx, SAAxxxx, BYDxxx, BZXxxx
Video/TV TDA3653, TDA4881, TDA6111Q, TDA8303A, TDA8350Q, TDA9160A, etc.
Radio/Audio TDA1516, TDA1521, TDA7053A, TDA7088T, TEA5710, etc.
TEA1061, TEA1062T, TEA1067, TEA1083, TEA1093, etc.
SGS-Thomson (ST)
Memory (EPROM/FLASH) M27Cxxxx, M29F040-90K1, M28F101-150K1, ST93C46CB1, etc.
Thyristors (Triacs & SCR) BTAxx-xxx, TYN408, TYNxxx, T410-xxx, BTWxx, etc.
Diodes BARxxx, BATxxx, BYTxxx, BYVxxx, etc.
Transistors BDxxx, Buxxx, BUL381D, MJE2955T, MJExxxx, TIP31A, TIP3xx, TIP4xx, STP4NA80, etc.
Linear L7805CV, L78xx, L78L08ACZ, LM317T, LM324N, LM339, LM358, LM393, NE555, NE5xx, TL062xx, TL082, TL0xx, UA741CN, MC1458xx, etc.
Others IRFxxx, L62xx, STV00xx, ULN2003A, DB3, TLC386T, TLCxxx, TDE17xx, TDAxxxx, TEAxxxx, etc.

MI Communications Pte Ltd
Blk 5012 #05-06, Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, Techplace II
tel: +65-4846966
fax: +65-4846166
We specialize in passive and active components for: Harris, Fairchild, National, AMD, General Semiconductor, Motorola, Siliconix, Philips, SGS, AVX, Kemet, TDK, AMP etc.
Our major business is in Malaysia, Hongkong, USA and Singapore. We support local OEMs, Sub-cons, traders/stockist.

Unic Semiconductor
Unic Semiconductor Pte Ltd.
1004, Aljunied Avenue 5, #04-95
Singapore 389885
tel: +65-8423343
tel: +65-97864096 - Mobile phone
fax: +65-8423345
We are sourcing for products to sell in this region.
In case you have some contact do not hesitate to recommend to us.
We are keen on EPROM, memory and computer related semiconductors.

tel: +65-749-2803
fax: +65-749-2610

Yuga Enterprise
Yuga Enterprise
705, Sims Drive #03-06
Shun Li Industrial Complex
tel: +65-7410300
fax: +65-7491048 General About
We are a stockist of Japanese IC's and Transistors like 2SA, 2SB, 2SC, 2SD, 2SK, 2SJ, 3SK, AN, BA, BU, HA, HD, DAN, DAP, DTA, DTB, DTC, DTD, LA, LB, LC, MN, MM, IX, TA, TC, TD, STA, STK, STR, STRM.

Z-Eighty 8 Trading & Marketing
84 Circular Road 3/F
tel: +65-96706929
fax: +65-5696452
Specialize in Rohm. Also deal in brands like Taiyo Yuden, Murata, AVX, Mot, AMD, SGS, etc...

Zach-Abner Electronics PTE Ltd
79A, Indus road, #06-408
Singapore 169 589
tel: +65-2761109
fax: +65-2752290
Marcus Yap <>
Dealing in:
Opto electronics from Kodenshi
Power supplies from Nemic-Lambda
Excess management, 'Hard to find' components, Procurement services

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