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Ask us to find scarce chips

Some important points:

Full chip name
We need the full chipname to determine what package type and speed you want. There is no sense in quoting you DIP's when you want SOJ's... You can also enter additional details in the comment area below. When several kinds can be used list them all, so we can try to find the cheapest ones.
Number of chips you want
You can request quotes for several number of chips. Give a list like: 100, 200, 500. If your number of chips depends on the price, please consider that you're only asking us to search. There is no commitment yet. If we can find them we'll make you an offer and you decide then. We can also keep searching if you're not in a hurry...
Target price (optional).
We will try to find parts below this price, but if we can't we'll quote the next best available price and quantity etc. This is just to give us an idea when to stop searching and get back to you, it saves time, but sometimes not money... Feel free to leave it open. When quoting the last distributor price you got please indicated so. Prices may go up considerably after a part has been obsoleted.
Required chip condition
We prefer to quote new, recent chips but when the chips are very scarce, we'll check this with you later...
What grade?
  • We don't do unpackaged chips (=die).
  • Please consider that there are currently export restrictions for India, Irak, Iran and Pakistan and others for some grades of chips.
Please fill in any special requirements etc.
You are:
Your email address
Your name
Your company's name

A copy of this form will be send to your email address (almost immediately). You should get a reaction within a couple of days from my partners.

You can also send requests directly via email, but please make sure you give all the info that we need and no we are not in Australia: I'm in the Netherlands and the broker who helps me is in the USA. Using the form above is a good way to help you fill in all the relevant details of your request.

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