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Chip numbers starting with 02

nr name cat description manufacturer
02 AMP02 amp* High Accuracy 8-Pin Instrumentation Amplifier, data AD
02 CCM02-2NO-2193_20 Contacless Smart Card, pinout ITT Cannon
02 MAT02 transist Low Noise, Matched Dual* Monolithic Transistor, data AD
02 REF-02 volt volt ref* 5V PMI
02 REF02 5V precision volt. ref*, pinout
02 REF02 dac* +5V Precision Voltage Reference Maxim*
02 REF02 vref +5V Precision Voltage Reference/Temperature Transducer, data AD
0220 MK0220 clock,video 16 pin for portable video CD players using C-Cube's CL480 MicroClock*
024 xd024mhz crystal xtal osc 24 mhz 5v/cmos 14p HY-Q
0250 SP0250 Speech Synthesizer, pinout GI
0256 SP0256 Speech Processor, pinout General Instrument
0256 SP0256-AL2 gen speech synthesizer, more GI
025912 C025912-38 system Atari: MCU Commodore
025912 C025912-38A system Atari: MCU Commodore
025913 C025913-20 system Atari: DMA* (allererste Version in Rev. A Board 520ST) Commodore
025913 C025913-38 system Atari: DMA* Commodore
025913 C025913-38A system Atari: DMA* Commodore
025914 C025914-38 system Atari: Shifter Commodore
025914 C025914-38A system Atari: Shifter Commodore
025915 C025915-20 system Atari: GLUE* Commodore
025915 C025915-38 system Atari: GLUE* Commodore
025915 C025915-38A system Atari: GLUE* Commodore
026028 C026028 fdc Atari: WD1772 Floppydisk controller Commodore
02803 ADDC02803SC 28V/66W DC/DC Converter Vin=16-50V, Vo=3.3V@21A with EMI Filter, data AD
02805 ADDC02805SA 28V/66W DC/DC Converter Vin=16-50V, Vo=5V@20A with EMI Filter, data AD
02808 ADDC02808PB 28V, 200 W Pulsed DC/DC Converter with Integral EMI Filter, data AD
02812 ADDC02812DA 28V/100W DC/DC Converter Vin=16-50V, Vo=±12V@8.3A with EMI Filter, data AD
02815 ADDC02815DA 28V/100W DC Converter Vin=16-50V, Vo=±15V@6.7A with EMI Filter, data AD
02828 ADDC02828SA 28V/100W DC/DC Converter Vin=16-50V, Vo=28V@3.6A with EMI Filter, data AD

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