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Chip numbers starting with 102

nr name cat description manufacturer
102 AD102 amp* General Purpose Input Isolation Amplifier best suited for single input uses, data AD
102 CLC102BNC amp* Linear (Video) Amplifier CLC*
102 LM102 amp* Voltage Follower Amplifier NS
102 MN102XX mcu* 16-bit microcontrollers, data Matsushita*
1020 DS1020 delay Programmable 8-Bit Silicon Delay Line, data, PS Dallas*
1020 TDA1020 amp* 12 W car radio audio power amplifier SIL9MP Philips
1020 UMA1020 synth Low-voltage dual* 2.4 GHz frequency synthesizer Philips
1020 UMA1020A synth 1.7 GHz dual* frequency synthesizer for GSM/DCS Philips
10200 MN10200 mcu* 16-bit microcontroller, data Matsushita*
10208 10H20EV8-4 pl ECL* 10KH PAL-type device CERDIP24 Philips
1021 ADM1021 monitor Low Cost Microprocessor System Temperature Monitor, data AD
1021 DS1021 delay Programmable 8-Bit Silicon Delay Line, data, PS Dallas*
1021 LT1021 volt volt ref* 5/10V LT
1022 TDA1022 BUKET BRIGADE DELAY LINE, pinout Philips
1023 DS1023 delay? Programmable 8-Bit Silicon Delay Line?, data, PS Dallas*
1023 TDA1023 Proportional-control triac trigger circuit DIL16 Philips
1024 SAD1024 delay 1024 stage, capacitor "bucket brigade" audio frequency delay chip. Discontinued, but Panasonic makes a full line of (apparently) equivalent chips in various sizes and configurations. Three that may be suitable as replacements are MN3007, MN3207, and MN3214. They are listed in the ** current ** DIGI-KEY catalog (199901..03) on page 187 at $9 to $18. The data book is listed as part number 9102B at $3.50
1024 SAA1024 sound,ultrasonic ultrasonic remote control transmitter ITT, Siemens
10242 AD10242 adc* Dual*, 12-Bit, 40 MSPS MCM A/D Converter with Analog Input Signal Conditioning, data AD
1025 SAA1025 sound,ultrasonic ultrasonic remote control receiver ITT, Siemens
1026 MLC1026 voice Stand alone voice (speech) playback IC* MCS Logic
1027 MLC1027 voice Stand alone voice (speech) playback IC* MCS Logic
1027 SAA1027 stepper motor driver, pinout
1027 SAA1027 driver stepper motor driver Philips
1028 MLC1028 voice Stand alone voice (speech) playback IC* MCS Logic
1029 LT1029 volt volt ref* 5V LT
1029 MLC1029 voice Stand alone voice (speech) playback IC* MCS Logic
1029 SAA1029 Universal industrial logic interface DIL16 Philips
1029 SAA1029 logic 4/3/2 AND* industrial logic circuit Philips
1029 TDA1029 switch Signal-sources switch DIL16 Philips

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