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Chip numbers starting with 104

nr name cat description manufacturer
104 dac* 12-Bit, 25MHz DAC Catalyst
104 AD104 amp* General Purpose Input Isolation Amplifier where input to input isolation is required, data AD
104 CLC104A amp* Linear (Video) Amplifier CLC*
104 LM104 volt Negative Regulator NS
104 RDD104 divider Selectable 4 Decade CMOS* Divider US Digital
104 XTR104 4-20mA Current Transmitter with Bridge excitation and linearization, pinout Burr-Brown
104 XTR104 driver 4-20ma transmitter BB
1040 DS1040 gen Programmable One-Shot Pulse Generator, data, PS Dallas*
1040 XE1040 telecom,module MODULE, Telephone interface (DAA), BABT Approved EN41003 Comp. Germany 28.800 (V.34), Fully integrated German DAA w.16kHz filter, +5 Volt Power Xecom*
1041 TEA1041 power Battery low-level indicator Philips
10415 sram 1k*1 IMOX ECL* Bipolar RAM AMD*
1042 LTC1042 Window Comparator, pinout
1042 SAA1042 Stepper Motor Driver, pinout Motorola
1043 MLC1043 voice OTP* type voice (speech) playback IC* MCS Logic
1043 SAA1043 generator Universal Sync* Generator , data (shtml needed) Philips
1043 SAA1043 tv Universal sync* generator DIL28 Philips
1043 SAA1043P tv TV sync* generator (PAL*) Philips
1044 DS1044 delay 4-in-1 High-Speed Silicon Delay Line, data, PS Dallas*
1044 MAX1044 power CMOS* switched-Capacitor Voltage Converter with Frequency Boost Maxim*
1044 MAX1044-A SW CAP VOLTAGE CONVERTER, pinout Maxim
1044 TDA1044 tv 12 pins, Field+Sync* generator
1045 DS1045 delay 4-Bit Dual* Programmable Delay Line, data, PS Dallas*
1045 TEA1045T opamp* Programmed Unit Amplifier ITT
1046 LT1046 converter voltage converter 1.5-6V 50ma LT
1047 TDC1047 adc* 7-bit flash ADC 50ns TRW
10470 sram 4k*1 IMOX ECL* Bipolar RAM AMD*
10474 sram 1k*4 IMOX ECL* Bipolar RAM AMD*
10474 10474 SRAM*, pinout Synertek
1048 STK10C48 sram 2k*8 NVRAM* HW store/recall 30-45ns Simtek
1048 STK10C48 sram 2k*8 NVSRAM (Hardware Initiated STORE), more Simtek*
1049 TDC1049 adc* 9-bit flash ADC 30ns TRW

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