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Chip numbers starting with 161

nr name cat description manufacturer
161 amp* High Speed Amplifier NS
161 ATmega161 MCU, pinout Atmel
161 MAX161 adc* CMOS* 20us 8 Bit 8 Channel Data Acquisition System Maxim*
1610 DS1610 mem Partitioned NV* Controller, PS Dallas*
1610 SL1610 mf,tv Plessey MF/VHF amp* in DIP8, AGC* input order from Barend
16100 diode 7 JNC Diode Array NS
16101 diode 8 JNC Diode Array NS
1611 DS1611 Dual* Peripheral Drivers, pinout NS
1611 DS1611 mpuchk Programmable System Monitor, PS Dallas*
1611 PCA1611 32 kHz watch circuit with EEPROM Philips
1611 UC1611 Quad* Schottky Diode Array, pinout
1612 DS1612 Lithium Battery Monitor, PS Dallas*
1612 SL1612 mf Plessey MF in DIP8, AVR control, as SL612 order from Barend
1613 DS1613C sram Partitioned SmartSocket 256K, PS Dallas*
1613 DS1613D sram Partitioned SmartSocket 1M, PS Dallas*
1613 SL1613M SL613 in PLCC (see remark on MC145158-PLCC) order from Barend
161450 ST16C1450 uart UART with One Byte FIFO* Exar
161451 ST16C1451 uart UART with One Byte FIFO* Exar
161550 ST16C1550 uart UART with 16-Byte FIFOs Exar
161550 ST16C1550 uart Universal UART, improved SSI 73M1550 and SSI 73M2550 UART, Data Exar
161551 ST16C1551 uart UART with 16-Byte FIFOs Exar
161551 ST16C1551 uart Universal UART, improved SSI 73M1550 and SSI 73M2550 UART, Data Exar
16160 HB16160B dram* 1M*16 DRAM (5 V, 4K-Refresh, FPM) Siemens
1617 MAX1617 Remote / Local Temperature Sensor with SMBus Serial Interface, pinout Maxim
16179 driver hex* MOS* Driver NS

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