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Chip numbers starting with 404

nr name cat description manufacturer
404 CLC404A amp* opamp* CLC*
404 MAX404 Video opamp*, pinout maxim
4040 4040 ~ pinout
4040 CD4040B counter CMOS* 12 stage binary ripple counter 1.5MHz, 5us, pinout NS
4040 HEC4040B counter 12-stage binary counter CERDIP16 Philips
4040 HEF4040B counter 12-stage binary counter DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4041 4041 ~ pinout
4041 CD4041B buffer CMOS* Quad* true/complement buffer NS
4041 HEF4041B buffer quadruple true/complement buffer DIL14, CERDIP14 Philips
4041 MC4041 gen single error Hamming code generator Motorola
40410 AT40410 logic 25-50 MHz ISA/PCI/VL PC/AT Core Logic Chipset
4042 4042 ~ pinout
4042 CD4042B latch CMOS* Quad* D latch
4042 HEC4042B latch quadruple D-latch CERDIP16 Philips
4042 HEF4042B latch quadruple D-latch DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4042 SMH4042 bus,pci* Compact PCI Hot Swap Controller, Summit Micro
4043 4043 ~ pinout
4043 CD4043B latch CMOS* Quad* NOR* RS latch
4043 HEF4043B latch quadruple R/S latch with 3-state outputs DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4044 4044 ~ pinout
4044 CD4044B latch CMOS* Quad* NAND* RS latch
4044 HEF4044B latch quadruple R/S latch with 3-state outputs DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4044 MC4044 detector Motorola phase detector/chargepump/loop filter order from Barend
4044 TMS4044 sram 4k*1 SRAM* TI
4045 4045 ~ pinout
4045 CD4045B counter CMOS* 21-Stage Counter
4045 TMS4045 sram 1k*4 SRAM* 450ns TI
4046 4046 ~ pinout
4046 CD4046B pll CMOS* PLL* 350KHz
4046 CD4046BM Micropower Phase Loked Loop, pinout Motorolla
4046 HEF4046B pll Phase-locked loop DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4047 4047 ~ pinout
4047 CD4047B logic CMOS* Monostable/Astable Multivibrator NS
4047 HEC4047B logic Monostable/astable multivibrator CERDIP14 Philips
4047 HEF4047B logic Monostable/astable multivibrator DIL14, CERDIP14 Philips
4048 4048 ~ pinout
4048 CD4048B logic CMOS* Expandable 8-Function 8-Input Gate NS
4049 4049 ~ pinout
4049 CD4049B buffer CMOS* Hex* inverting buffer
4049 HEF4049B led,driver 8-Stage Shift-And-Store Register LED Driver Philips
40493 AT40493 logic 25-50 MHz 80486 PC/AT System and Cache Controller
40495 AT40495 logic 25-50 MHz 80486 PC/AT System and Cache Controller

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