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Chip numbers starting with 408

nr name cat description manufacturer
408 ADG408 t - LC, data AD
408 DG408 anamux Improved, 8-Channel, High-Performance, CMOS* analog Mux* Maxim*
408 DG408 mux* 8:1 or Dual* 4:1 analog mux* Siliconix
4080 HIP4080 driver full bridge FET* driver 80V 2.5A Harris
4081 4081 ~ pinout
4081 CD4081B logic CMOS* Buffered Quad* 2-Input AND* Gate NS
4081 HEC4081B logic quadruple Pinput AND* gate CERDIP14 Philips
4081 HEF4081B logic quadruple 2-input AND* gate DIL14, CERDIP14 Philips
4081 HIP4081 driver full bridge FET* driver 80V 2.5A Harris
4081 hef4081bt logic cmos buffered quad* 2ip and gate Philips
4082 4082 ~ pinout
4082 CD4082B logic CMOS* Dual* 4 AND*
4082 HEF4082B logic dual* 4-input AND* gate DIL14, CERDIP14 Philips
4085 4085 ~ pinout
4085 CD4085B logic CMOS* Dual* 2-2 AOI*
4085 HEF4085B logic dual* 2-wide 2-input AND-OR-invert gate DIL14, CERDIP14 Philips
4086 4086 ~ pinout
4086 CD4086B logic CMOS* Expandable 4-Wide 2-Input AND-OR-INVERT Gate
4086 HCF4086bey logic cmos and or invert gate ST
4086 HEF4086B logic 4-wide 2-input AND-OR-invert gate DIL14, CERDIP14 Philips
4089 4089 ~ pinout
4089 CD4089B counter CMOS* binary rate multiplier

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