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Chip numbers starting with 544

nr name cat description manufacturer
544 AD544 amp* High Performance, BiFET Operational Amplifiers, data AD
544 NE544 Servo Amplifier, pinout
544 NE544 radio RC receiver Signetics
544 NE544N Sevo Amplifier, pinout Signetics
5440 logic dual* 4-Input NAND* Buffer NS
54400 MCM54400 dram* 1M*4 DRAM Motorola
54400 MCM5L4400AT dram* 1X4-60 TSOP, L.P. Motorola
544002 logic dual* 4-Input NOR* Gate NS
544017 counter Decade Counter Divider with 10 Decoded Outputs NS
54402 error Serial Data Polynomial Generator/Checker NS
544020 counter 14-Stage Binary Counter NS
54403 fifo 16*4 First-in First-Out Buffer Memory NS
544040 counter 12-Stage Binary Counter NS
544049 converter hex* Inverting Level Down Converter NS
544050 converter hex* Level Down Converter NS
54407 ? Data Access Register NS
544075 logic triple* 3-Input OR* Gate NS
544078 logic 8-Input NOR*/OR* Gate NS
544100 M5M44100 dram* 4M*1 DRAM Mitsubishi
54413 fifo 64*4 FIFO* Buffer Memory with Serial and Parallel I/O* NS
544160 M5M44160 dram* 256k*16 DRAM Mitsubishi
544170 M5M44170 dram* 256k*16 DRAM Mitsubishi
544190 M5M44190 dram* 256k*18 DRAM Mitsubishi
5442 converter BCD to Decimal Decoder NS
5442 mux* 1-of-10 Decoder NS
5442256 M5M442256AL dram* 256X4-80 VIDEO ZIP Mitsubishi
544256 M5M44C256BP dram* 256k*4 Fast Pagemode DRAM Mitsubishi*
544258 M5M44258 dram* 256k*4 DRAM static column Mitsubishi
544260 M5M44260 dram* 256k*18 DRAM Mitsubishi
544280 M5M44280 dram* 256k*18 DRAM Mitsubishi
544400 M5M44400 dram* 1M*4 DRAM Mitsubishi
54447 converter BCD to 7-Segment Decoder/Driver NS
544511 converter BCD to 7-Segment Latch/Decoder/Driver NS
544514 mux* 4-to-16 Line Decoder with latch NS
544538 osc? dual* Retriggerable Monostable Multivibrator NS
544543 converter BCD to 7-Segment Latch/Decoder/Driver NS
54464 M5M4464 dram* 64*4 DRAM Mitsubishi
5447 converter BCD to 7-Segment Decoder/Driver NS
5448 converter BCD to 7-Segment Decoder NS
544800 M5M44800 dram* 512k*8 DRAM Mitsubishi
5449 converter BCD to 7-Segment Decoder NS
54490 counter dual* Decade Counter NS
544900 M5M44900 dram* 512k*9 DRAM Mitsubishi

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