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Chip numbers starting with 548

nr name cat description manufacturer
548 AD548 amp* Precision, Low Power BiFET Op Amp*, data AD
548 TLC548 adc*,spi ADC, higher speed TLC549 TI
548 TLC548 adc* 8-bit ADC 22us serial TI
54800 MCM54800 dram* 512k*8 DRAM Motorola
54821 ff 10-Bit D-type Flip-Flop NS
54823 ff 9-Bit D-type Flip-Flop NS
54825 ff 8-Bit D-type Flip-Flop NS
548262 MSM548262 dram* 256K*8 VRAM* FPM Oki
548263 MSM548263 dram* 256K*8 VRAM* EDO Oki
54827 driver 10-Bit Buffer/Line Driver NS
54828 driver 10-Bit Buffer/Line Driver NS
5483 logic 4-Bit Binary Full Adder with Carry NS
5483 MN5483 lcd,spi 31-segment LCD display driver NS
5484 MN5484 led,spi 16-segment LED display driver NS
5485 cmp 4-Bit Magnitude Comparator NS
5486 logic quad* 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate NS
5486 MN5486 led,spi 33-segment LED display driver NS
54870 54AS870 Dual* 16x4 Reg, pinout TI
54871 54AS871 Dual* 16x4 Regs, pinout TI
54876 54ALS876 Dual* 4bit Edge Flip-flops, Inverted, pinout TI
54876 54AS876 Dual* 4bit Edge Flip-flops, Inverted, pinout TI
54877 54AS877 8bit Universal Transceiver Port Controller, pinout TI
54879 54ALS879 Dual* 4bit Edge-trig D-Flip-flop, Inverted, 3-state, pinout TI
54879 54AS879 Dual* 4bit Edge-trig D-Flip-flop, Inverted, 3-state, pinout TI
54882 54AS882 32-bit Look-ahead Carry-gen, pinout TI
54888 54AS888 8bit Processor Slice, pinout TI
5489 sram 16*4 Write Transparent Schottky Bipolar RAM AMD*, NS
54890 54AS890 MicroSequencer, pinout TI

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