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Chip numbers starting with 681

nr name cat description manufacturer
681 MAX681 power +5V to +/-10V Voltage Converter, pinout Maxim*
6810 6810 mcu* HMOS MCU Motorola*
6810 MC6810 sram 128*8 RAM Motorola
681000 KM681000LG-8 128K x 8 Sram, pinout Samsung
681001 681001 sram 128K*8 cache SRAM* Samsung*
6811 MC68HC11 mcu* 8-Bit MCU, Family Motorola*
6811 TEA6811 radio AM*/FM* RF and PLL* synthesizer circuit Philips
68110 MC68HC11A0 mcu* HCMOS* MCU 48/52-pin 256*8 RAM Motorola*
68110 MC68HC11E0 HCMOS*, MCU, pinout Motorola
68111 MC68HC11A1 mcu* HCMOS* MCU 48/52-pin 256*8 RAM Motorola*
68111 MC68HC11A1FN mcu* MCU, 512 EEPROM, 256 RAM, 38 IO* Motorola
68111 MC68HC11A1P Microcontroller, pinout Motorola
68111 MC68HC11E1 mcu* HCMOS* MCU 52-pin 512*8 RAM Motorola*
68111 MC68HC11F1 mcu* HCMOS* MCU Motorola*
68112 MC68HC11E2 HCMOS*, MCU, pinout Motorola
68112 MC68HC11E2 mcu* HCMOS* MCU 48/52-pin 256*8 RAM Motorola*
68113 MC68HC11D3 mcu* HCMOS* MCU 192*8 RAM Motorola*
68113 MC68HC11D3 mcu* HCMOS* MCU 40/44-pin 192*8 RAM 4096 ROM Motorola*
68113 MC68HC11E3 HCMOS*, MCU, pinout Motorola
68118 68HC11A8 mcu*, pinout Motorola
68118 MC68HC11A8 MicroController, pinout Motorola
68118 MC68HC11A8 mcu* HCMOS* MCU 48/52-pin 256*8 RAM 8192 ROM Motorola*
68119 MC68HC11E9 mcu* HCMOS* MCU 52-pin 512*8 RAM 12k ROM Motorola*
6812 MC68HC12 mcu* New 8-Bit MCU, Family Motorola*
6815 FL6l8-15cn pl PAL* and/or invert 15ns/210ma TI
68150 MC68150 glue Dynamic bus Sizer (for 68040 and 68060) Motorola*
68153 68153 ~ pinout
6816 AD6816 155 Mbps UTP*#5 Complete PHY Interface, data AD
6816 MC6816 mpu* 6811 Source Code Compatible CPU Motorola*
68160 MC68160 network EEST (Ethernet driver) - glueless logic to 68360. Motorola*
68184 MC68184 datacom Broadband Interface controller Motorola*
68184 MC68184 network Broadband Interface controller (BIC) IEEE 802.4 Motorola*
68185 MC68185 datacom Twisted Pair Modem* Motorola*
68185 MC68185 modem* Twisted Pair Modem* - Use with 68824 for low cost LAN Motorola*
68192 XR68C192 uart Dual* UART with 8(XR68C92) or 16(XR68C192) Bytes Transmit and Receive FIFO* Exar
68194 MC68194 datacom Carrierband Modem* Motorola*
68194 MC68194 modem* Carrierband Modem* - IEEE 802.4 Physical Layer 1 Motorola*
68195 MC68195 datacom LocalTalk Adapter Motorola*
68195 MC68195 network Local Talk Adapter - 68332 and 68302 to LocalTalk networks Motorola*

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