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Chip numbers starting with 682

nr name cat description manufacturer
682 MAX682 power 3V/Adjustabie, Low-Dropout, Ultra-Low Iq Linear Regulator Maxim*
682 ba682 diode diode 36v/100ma sod80 t/r (115) Philips
6820 MC6820 periph PIA* Motorola
6821 6821 Peripheral interface adapter, pinout Motorola
6821 EF6821 periph 8-Bit NMOS* Peripheral Interface Adapter, 1 MHz PDIP40 ST
6821 EF68A21 periph 8-Bit NMOS* Peripheral Interface Adapter, 1.5 MHz PDIP40 ST
6821 EF68B21 periph 8-Bit NMOS* Peripheral Interface Adapter, 2 MHz PDIP40 ST
6821 MC6821 periph Parallel interface adapter *pinout (Better to use 68230) Motorola
6821 TEA6821 radio ICE car radio Philips
6822 6822 Peripheral Interface adapter, pinout Motorola
6822 MC6822 periph industrial PIA* (18V open drain) Motorola
6822 TEA6822 radio AM*/FM* IF, stereo decoder and NC circuit Philips
68230 68230 periph pinout
68230 MC68230 periph Parallel interface/timer - two 8 bit ports, 24 bit timer Motorola*
68230 TS68230 periph 16-Bit HMOS Parallel Interface, Timer, 8 and 10 MHz PDIP48, PLCC52 ST
6824 68HC24 bus 68HC11F1 bus expansion IC*, Motorola obosoleted it before 199906 Motorola*, Tekmos?
6824 MC68HC24 periph port replacement for 6811 A8,E9 Motorola*
68257 68257 sram 32K*8 cache SRAM* Samsung*
6827 MC68HC27 periph Port replacement for the 6811 D3,K4,F1 Motorola*
6828 MC6828 pic? PIC (=MC8507) Motorola
6829 MC6829 mmu* MMU* for the 6809 Motorola

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