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Chip numbers starting with 800

nr name cat description manufacturer
800 800C mcu* MCMOS MCU NS
800 AD800 t - PLL-based clock recovery circuit, for data rates, data AD
800 ADM800 system Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit, data AD
800 MAX800L mpuchk uP Supervisory Circuit with 4.65 V Reset Threshold Maxim*
800 MAX800M mpuchk uP Supervisory Circuit with 4.4 V Reset Threshold Maxim*
800 NSC800 mpu* 8-Bit CMOS* MPU (=~Z80), Card NS, SMC
800 SW-800 Software Drivers-Windows & DOS, data AD
800 TBA800 tv 8pin, tv chip
800 TSC800 adc* 15 bit ADC 2.5 CPS Tel
800 Z800 mpu* See 8108, 8116 Zilog*
800 Z80SIO0 ~ pinout Zilog*
8000 audio Digital audio chip for add-in and motherboards E-MU* $35 for DSP*+ROM
8000 MCSP8000 mpu* 8BIT CISC* CPU processor core MCS Logic
8000 PA-8000 mpu* Fully 64-bits PA-RISC mpu* HP*
8000 R8000 mpu* RISC-family processor (TFP), MIPS*
8000 TDA8000 Smart card coupler DIL28 Philips
8000 XR8000 glue Microprocessor Support IC*, Data Exar
8000 XRT8000 isdn Clock Synchronizer/Adapter for Communications Exar
8000 Z8000 mpu* 16/32-Bit MPU family, Z8000 Zilog*
80000 VNS80000 isdn VIP ISDN processor, Family ARM
80000 Z80000 mpu* Central processing unit (never released?) Zilog*
8001 AD8001 amp* 800 MHz, 50 mW Current Feedback Amplifier, data AD
8001 AD8001 amp* high speed opamp* 125MHz AD
8001 TDA8001 Smart card interface DIL28 Philips
8001 XRT8001 isdn WAN Clock Exar
8001 Z8001 mpu* 16/32-Bit segmented MPU, Z8001-Card, Z8000-Card Zilog*
8002 AD8002 amp* Dual* 600 MHz, 50 mW Current Feedback Amplifier, data AD
8002 CRT8002 video VDAC display controller SMC
8002 Z8002 mpu* 16/32-Bit nonsegmented MPU, Z8002-Card, Z8000-Card Zilog*
8002 Z8002 mpu* Z8000 MPU ST
8003 Z8003 mpu* 16/32-Bit virtual memory MPU Zilog*
8004 AD8004 amp* Quad* 3000 V/µs 35mW Current Feedback Amplifier, data AD
8004 COM8004 error Companion device to COM5025 for 32 bit CRC SMC
8004 Z8004 mpu* 16/32-Bit virtual memory MPU Zilog*
8005 AD8005 Single, Low Power, 225mHz, 280V/usec, THD=-50dB @10MHz, 10Mhz to 0.1dB, 28nsec, Iout=10mA, +5V or +/-5V Rail, Low Power, Iq=475µA, data AD
8005 TDA8005 mcu* Smart card coupler and MCU Philips
8008 mpu* 8-bit MPU predecessor of the 8080 Intel
8009 AD8009 amp* 1 GHz, 5,500 V/µs Low Distortion Amplifier, data AD

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