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Chip numbers starting with 830

nr name cat description manufacturer
830 AD830 amp* High Speed, Video Difference Amplifier, data AD
830 AD830 amp* difference opamp* 100 MHz AD
830 MPU830 periph ROM-I/O* SMC, NS
8300 AD8300 dac*,spi DAC, 12-bit 3V single-channel single-supply with on-chip reference AD
8300 AD8300 dac* +3 Volt, Serial Input Complete 12-Bit DAC, data AD
8300 Z8300 mpu* Low power Z80 MPU Zilog*
8302 TDA8302 tv CTV small signal combination circuit DIL32 Philips
8303 AD8303 dac* +3 V, Dual*, Serial Input Complete 12-Bit DAC, data AD
8303 DP8303 xcvr 8 bit transceiver AMD
8303 TDA8303A tv TV small signal combination Philips
8304 DP8304 buffer 8 bit bidir buffer Lloyd AMD $0.20
8304 TDA8304 tv CTV small signal combination circuit DIL32 Philips
8305 TDA8305A tv CTV small signal combination circuit DIL28 Philips
83055 P83C055 mcu* 8-bit micro* for TV and video (MTV) DIL42SHR Philips
8307 AD8307 Low Cost DC-500 MHz, 92 dB Logarithmic Amplifier, data AD
8307 AD8307AN rf Log det. 500MHz 17dBm o/p 25mV/dB. Ideal for spectrum analyser, RF power meter, wobbler etc. Case DIP8 order from Barend
8307 DP8307 xcvr 8 bit transceiver
8308 DP8308 xcvr 8 bit transceiver
8309 AD8309 amp* 350 MHz, 95 dB Demodulating Log Amp* with Limiter Output, data AD

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