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Company registration form

This is a form for entering information about a company that you want to have listed in the Chipdir.

A listing in the Chipdir is free, but don't expect miracles from it. When you want a lot of exposure consider advertising.


What page to put the company on

To know where to put your company in the Chipdir I need to know what the main thing is that your company does.

your data description comment
The page you came from. It helps a lot when this is the page you want the company to be listed on. If you haven't done so already please go to the page you want to be listed on and click the company registration button there.
What does the company mainly do with chips? Please select the company's main activity. When in doubt please describe in the comment field at the end. When you think the company should be listed in several categories please explain in the comment field.

Company name

your data description comment
Company name abbreviation How customers usually refer to you (so without Company, Ltd., GmbH, International, Semiconductor etc.)
Full company name In case of a big company with several branches, the name of the semiconductor branche
When was the company founded? optional


your data description format USA format Europe
Street and number (and building etc.)
City, state, zip code etc. as usual in your country <city>, <state abbreviation> <zip code>. <country abbreviation>-<zip code> <city>

Telephone numbers

Please use the format +<country>-<city>-<callee>, so in the USA something like: +1-234-567-8901. Split the callee number when it's more than 4 digits and make the last group 4 digits. Don't use something like +1-(0)123-456-7890 to indicate what your fellow countrymen need to dial. They are clever enough to recognise their own country code and leave it out. Don't use spaces to seperate digits, use dashes ('-').

your data description comment
Telephone 1
Telephone 2 - purpose optional
Fax number 1 optional
Fax number 2 - purpose optional

Email address

Please use functional names like and instead of personal names, because the latter will change every x years.

your data description comment
Email address 1
Email address 2 - purpose optional
Email address 3 - purpose optional

WWW site

If your WWW site is easy to navigate you only need to enter the first line, otherwise please first consider to improve your site, but if that's impossible you can help people by filling in the others lines as well.

your data description comment
WWW site - General
WWW site - About the company optional
WWW site - Company news optional
WWW site - Technical news optional
WWW site - Technical data optional
WWW site - Search engine optional
WWW site - Distributors/reps optional
WWW site - Order databooks/sheets optional
WWW site - Order CD-ROM's optional

Company description

(Usually you can copy a part of your company's about page.)

Please write or edit the description so that:

your data description comment
Company description, products, specialism or whatever else you think is relevant

About you

This data is not for inclusion in the Chipdir.

Your email address
Your name
Do you speak on behalf of the company?
Comment for the editor. This will be read when the data will be added to the Chipdir and not immediately. When you have something urgent to say, please email me.

Thanks for your input!

Your information will probably be included in the next version of the Chipdir.

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